Increase Your Skills

One of the good things about working in my current office is that they have this program where they sent their employee to seminars and training courses so that we can increase our knowledge and skill. I always enjoyed whenever my office sent me for seminars and trainings.

The topic for those seminars and trainings usually reflects our work and doesn’t stray too much from our background, except for some leadership trainings. Since I started working, I have had Cisco, Microsoft and several other trainings. Although my office did pay for the fees, we would have to pay for the exam fee (if any) ourselves.

I guess that kind of explained why there are quite few certified employees in our workplace. Regardless of whether we took the exam or not, the training is almost always enjoyable. Mostly I find that they really help in understanding how certain vendor’s system or equipment works.

I also learned a lot of non technical stuff from my training. I have to admit that beside the increase in skill and knowledge, I love how they give you promotional goods, such as promotional goods, promotional pencils and several other promotional stuffs.

Overall, the quality of promotional goods is very good. Last time I got a full working copy of Microsoft’s newest Operating System. Now that’s what I call a great advertising method. It was just the icing of the cake though. In the end it is still the subject of the seminars and trainings that really mattered, not to mention the increase in skill and knowledge gained by attending them.

I wish my office will keep their policy regarding trainings and seminars for this year. Anyway, it is getting quite late, so I better go and get some rest. See you all around then!

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