In Need of a Little More Space

Space, the final frontier….. (Insert Well-Known Tunes Here)

For those of you who is a fan of the series, that line there should be familiar. I am somewhat of a Star Trek fan myself. Though just how much of a fan is definitely arguable. But just yesterday, I watched the new Star Trek Teaser Trailer on my Uncle’s 24-inch iMac. And what a beautiful sight it was. I tried watching the 720p HD version, and instantly, it brings old memories of waking up late at night to watch the TV series of Star Trek during my high school days. The teaser did its job very well indeed. You have to watch the Trailer to understand. I just can’t wait to watch the movie. Too bad, but wait I must. And until Christmas nonetheless! I really hope it is worth the wait.

But actually, the main reason I wrote this post is because of Ubuntu. Have you ever heard of Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a free, Debian derived Linux-based operating system. And I have tried using it for the past 8 months. Ubuntu is very easy to use. At least easy enough to entice me to give it a try. And try I did. I installed it on a 5GB partition. The installation itself is easy enough to pull. And afterwards, whenever you start your computer, it presents you with an OS boot option menu, if you have other OS installed, such as Windows XP. Ubuntu does that by modifying your Master Boot Record. That in itself do not pose a security threat.But last week, because I needed the extra space, I decided to temporarily uninstall Ubuntu. But since I am fairly new with Ubuntu, I don’t really know how. But I have an idea. Using Disk Management in Windows, I formatted the partition containing Ubuntu and Ubuntu’s Swap Directory. And then I formatted it using NTFS. Everything is going normal at first, until I realized that the next time I tried to start my Computer, it would get stuck in the OS boot option menu.

But thank God for the internet. It is just a matter of a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away ’till I find the solution. You see, since Ubuntu mess up your MBR, then in order to be able to boot up to Windows (and not getting stuck up in the OS boot option menu) you have to return the MBR to its state before you installed Ubuntu. To do that, you need the Windows XP installation CD, boot up using it, and enter the Recovery Console. Choose the Harddisk on where you installed XP, enter administrator password (if any) for that XP installation, and then type fdisk /mbr at the command prompt. After that, just restart your PC, and it should take you directly to XP now. I will try to post the exact step-by-step guide next time. Good luck trying!

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