How Easy Things Breakdown

Just a couple of weeks ago, someone bought the empty house just in front of my house. But since the house is not in a good condition anymore, the new owner has to renovate it first, although he didn’t do a total renovation because he kept the walls intact.

But the walls are the only thing that is still intact and in good condition. So the new owner still has to do a major renovation. He replaced the roof and changes the layout of the house a bit. The house is not very big, but I think it is enough for a small family to live in.

That makes me think though, how long will it be until he has to renovate again. Five? Or perhaps ten years? Nowadays the quality of material is degrading, but perhaps that is just a way to keep the cost from getting to expensive. But for that we have to sacrifice on the quality.

The woodwork for example, nowadays people who tried to keep house building or renovating cost down opt for a lower grade wood, such as plywood. And not just for the house, even the material that furniture are made from is degrading in quality. Especially the ones made from plywood or pressed wood.

I still remember the teak furniture that my mom still has. Teak wood is strong but is expensive, perhaps that is one of the reason why people opt for furniture that is made from a cheaper material than buying teak furniture. You can see for yourself how expensive can teak furniture be on this website.

Perhaps when the opportunity and means to buy my own house are finally available to me I can also afford to buy better furniture too. Right now, I just have to try to find them first. Perhaps someday, see ya later for now!

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