Helping Others

It is easy to help other person, especially if they have money, connection and other benefits and privileges. On the other hand, it is not easy to help other people who are less fortunate. People who doesn’t have anything of value or those who are handicapped are some example of such people.

I know it is sad, but such realities occurred around us every day, whether we noticed it or not. Often we noticed such realities, but the sad thing is we rarely do anything to help change it. I remember when I helped at the Mass for the disabled at my Parish. It was only once and even then I really doubt that I am really sincere about helping them.

It could be that I was just doing it for the sake of friendship, because it was a friend of mine who asked me to help. It could also be that I was doing it for the sake of being nice, or because I just want to feel good about myself. In the end the reason always is rather self-centered.

I have insurance, but remembering those disabled people, I can’t help but wonder. Will it be as easy for them to have insurance? Or will they be ineligible to have any insurance at all? It doesn’t seem fair, but perhaps the latter most likely is the outcome. Is there a way to help them at all?

Perhaps that is why there are organizations that can help people doing disability appeal. At least it seems that they know what they are doing and are doing a good job at it. It is nice to be able to help, and helping people in need is even nicer. If only the world can always be that way. Someday perhaps, someday.

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