Happy Idul Fitri!

For those of you who celebrates the Idul Fitri, let me say to you Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin, and I ask for your forgiveness also. I can hear the mosques near where I stay chanting Allahu Akbar and also the sounds of Drums (or Bedug in Indonesian) repeating on and on.

I can feel the excitement, happiness and also thankfulness in the air. It is so thick you can almost smell it everywhere. Even if you don’t celebrate it yourself it is still an enchanting experience. Oh, there go the firecrackers!

Like I said in my last post before this, this holiday is far more relaxing, although I have to admit that I still need to help my wife take care of the children, because our house maid is leaving for the holiday.

They sure cannot stay put, my children. Sometimes I even think that they are more effective at suppressing hunger, because you cannot think of other things while chasing them around. They are so effective that I don’t think we’re going to need to order Phentermine! Not that we usually order them, mind you.

Anyway, my point is being away from work and not having to worry about work is a blessing for me. I rather chase my children for the umpteenth time for them to finish their meal than worry all the time about when the office is going to call. I really wish your holiday is as fun or even more than mine! Happy holidays!

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