Getting Wet Again

It is officially here, now. The raining season that is. After more than a half year being baked by the sun and the hot temperature, the raining season has finally arrived. It was a wet greeting that marked our reunion. I was riding my motorcycle last Sunday night, when the rain just poured abruptly.

I was caught unprepared, though. Got myself soaked and drenched by the downpour, for more than half an hour throughout my journey home. I was just mildly annoyed at the sudden reunion, and I actually welcomed the rain. It was getting hotter and hotter everyday and the rain brought a much needed coolness.

Since then, almost each day it rained, which presents quite a problem for me, since I ride a motorcycle to get to the office. If it rains in the afternoon, then it’s quite okay, but not if it rains in the morning, since I don’t want to get my clothes wet for the rest of the day.

There’s another positive side about the raining season though. Because the temperature is usually lower during the raining season, I don’t get to sweat as much. since I don’t get to sweat as much, then my face usually is cleaner and hardly any acne will appear. Though if they do appear, I can always try some acne treatment pills.

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