Getting Older

I do get older, I am only human after all, but I am not talking about myself or any other human being right now. Perhaps some other time, but not now. Actually I was referring to other things, such us the house I’m staying and even the water pump that is probably quite old.

I remember one time when a small part of the roof frame is broken, thanks to a couple of alley cats and a weathered roof frame. I managed to replace the wooden frame with a somewhat new one and put some new roof tiles to replace the old ones which are broken.

I also remember when my water pump is broken and we had to call the plumber twice because the first time they overlook some problem with a valve of some sort. I can’t really complain, that pump is indeed quite old. As long as it stays operational and I can get water from the well is enough for me. For now at least.

Speaking of which, I remember that the faucet in the sink is showing signs of leaking, and I might have to replace it soon. That’s a thought that I don’t want to entertain, considering my last two faucet replacing accidents. The first one I had to call the plumber afterward, the second one I learned from my first mistake to be more careful and it paid off.

That’s understandable though, those things do wear off with age. It crossed my mind that it would probably be better if I change the faucet now rather than waiting for it to completely broke. It might save me some future problems. It would be nice if I can get my hands on some Delta faucet, it looks nice and durable.

Oh well, you can’t be that lucky, perhaps I’ll just go to the nearest hardware store and find a good alternative…

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