General Election is Coming

Tomorrow we will have a General Election, or ‘Pemilu’ as we usually called it. It was a shortened name for general election in Bahasa. General Election is Pemilihan Umum in Bahasa, so we usually shortened it to ‘Pemilu’. It is more convenient that way.

I used to feel excited about ‘Pemilu’, call it the idealism of youth if you want. Now I don’t think too much of it, I just feel somewhat indifferent. I guess as long as I can earn an income in peace in order to make a living for me and my family is quite enough for me.

It was hard to trust the Political Parties, perhaps because they have a history of not telling the truth, or part of it. Although I still intend to vote anyway, assuming that I am eligible to vote, that is. Right now I am just voting for the sake of voting, in order not to let my vote be used in any way.

I found it strange though that my wife got her ‘Election Card’ but I didn’t get any. It makes me feel somewhat disappointed about the election process in general. My mom told me to bring my ID card and Family Card to the voting booth, just in case they can register me on the spot.

I just have to wait until tomorrow to really know whether it can really be done, or not. If not, then it will make me more disappointed than before. See you tomorrow for the update!

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