Flat tire, anyone? (Part I)

I’ve only got about twelve minutes tops.
I have to ride faster, or else I’ll be late…. again..
Just another three traffic light and I’ll be safe…
Let’s go for…wait…my rear tire feels strange…..
Oh, no…not now….darn….

This morning, my rear tire failed me.

Just after the second traffic light in Diponegoro street after the railway.

I really don’t know at first where to find a tire patcher around that area. I checked my tire and there’s no sign of nail whatsoever, only a slight tear in my rear tire.
I asked a security guy standing in front of one of the houses there. Luckily he said that there’s one nearby, so there I goes pushing my motorbike several hundred meters..

I found it, just in front of an abandoned house. But, I only have five thousand rupiahs left, will it be enough? Well, I just have to find out… I was hoping that the tear in my rear tire wasn’t severe enough to warrant a rubber inside tire change….

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