Flat Tire

A couple of day ago, I helped my coworker replace his flat tire. As it happened his tire was punctured by a piece of metal. Thankfully he managed to get to the office before the tire ran out of air. Even then, it was because somebody from the building staff told our HR staff that he found out sooner.

It would certainly be more annoying if he found out when he is about to go home. Fortunately his spare tire is still in good condition. If it wasn’t in good condition then he is really going to get a lot busier. What would it be if his tire goes flat when he is still on his way to the office with no spare tire?

I believe that either he need to find a service station or he need to call for a towing service. He could also opt for a roadside assistance, provided that he has a roadside assistance plan. It would help a lot in a time such as this. Perhaps it would cost a little more money but sometime the risks are worth it.

If he happened to experience any trouble with his vehicle in the middle of the night, a 24-hours roadside assistance is surely a blessing. In the end it all depends on our driving routine. Some people would benefit more from such a service. Anyway, it is getting late and I need to rest, so see you around!

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