Feeling a Little Nostalgic

I still remember, although perhaps just vaguely, that when I was just a kid, my father was a member of the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization. He used to spend a lot of time chatting in front of his radio equipment whenever he was home.

It was kind of fun hearing him chat with his friends. It was perhaps similar to what we used nowadays, the difference being in the medium used to chat. Nowadays we chat using computers as the medium, and we usually chat by typing what we want to say / express.

Using radio is somewhat different and perhaps a bit more intimate because we actually heard our friends voices coming from the speaker, and it also makes it harder to lie about our gender, where in today’s means of chatting that is by typing, it is easy to actually lie about your gender.

The radio devices use different frequencies to represents channels where people can gather. The downside is that the Radio device is half-duplex, meaning that there can only be one person talking at a time, wherein chatting by typing, anyone can type whenever they want.

My father was very fond of chatting, he even used to take his guitar and sing for his ‘online’ buddies. There’s really no need for any emoticons because usually we can tell what the other is feeling by the tone of his or her voice. I guess it is good for people with outgoing personality.

I remember that he even installed a Radio equipment on his car also. I also remember that I often mistake them for walkie-talkie, or a 2 way radios. My father has passed away for quite a long time now, but some memories just can’t be forgotten, especially the good times. Oh well, enough about it for now. See you around!

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