Facebook Problems

Lately I was having some problems with Facebook, especially after the update that split the feeds into two categories which, in my opinion makes it confusing to read updates from your network and friends. There is also some problems with writing comments. I found out that I cannot add comments to any updates that I receive, but it was fixed after I cleared the browser’s cache and restarted it.

I also heard that some of my friends had their default language changed, one even had status update that wasn’t her own posting. The latter case could be because she didn’t put enough attention to security while accessing the site through public computers such as internet cafes. In the end I offered to help reorganize and return her settings to what it was before.

In the end I changed the password to her Facebook and e-mail account since they shared the same password. It was no standard password so I was quite positive that she got her password stolen at an internet cafe, probably through a keylogger program. I told her to be careful the next time she access her accounts through public means, using Windows built-in On-Screen Keyboard as a precaution.

It was easy accessing the On-Screen Keyboard. At least I know of two ways to access it. The first one is through the Start button. You can find the shortcut by accessing START > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibilities > On-Screen Keyboard. The second way is to navigate to START > Run > And then typing the word “osk” (without the quotation marks) at the Run window.

It is also considered a good practice to change your password regularly. Although this can be inconvenient if you have a lot of accounts to change their password. Remember, always be careful when accessing your accounts through public computers. Also change your password regularly for added security.

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