David Archuleta Strikes Back – American Idol Top 9

David Archuleta on American IdolYou know, using the same format for my post title about American Idol is getting repetitive. So I think why not play a little with the Title. As you can see for yourself, I think by reading the title you’ll already know who did well last night. In my opinion, David Archuleta’s rendition of Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Memories is his best performance to date, even better than when he sings John Lennon’s Imagine.

Overall the contestants performed okay. But a few did standout from the rest, namely David Archuleta, David Cook and Michael Johns. I love how Michael Johns improvised on his’ song choice ending. Just like Simon said, it was his best performance so far, and I agree with him. As for David Cook, I enjoyed his performance overall. Oh, I also happened to read that David Cook was taken to a hospital after last night show because he suffered health palpitations and also high blood pressure that he claimed is because of stress regarding a family matter.

As for the other contestants, Brooke White did okay, as is Jason Castro, Ramiele is getting a tad boring week after week, while Syesha Mercado daringly did a weak imitation version of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. Unfortunately I missed Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook’s performances. But overall I am satisfied with last night’s show. I’m glad they go with the Guest Mentor route this week. I hope next week will stay like this.

David Archuleta’s performance is my favorite this week, and you can see a video of his performance. Using WordPress 2.5 allows for better integration of media files, such as Image, Video and Audio. I’m glad I’ve taken the chances to try and install WordPress 2.5. Well, tomorrow is the result show and based on the performance, I’d say that Syesha is in serious trouble here. I really wish that Ramiele is the one to go home instead because she doesn’t seem to improve and her performance every week is basically the same, which is bad and boring in my opinion. It makes me wonder because she really did well mid-season. We’ll just have to see for ourself later then. See you around!

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