Costume Roleplay

Although I never watch a live costume roleplay or cosplay show before, I quite enjoy seeing pictures of cosplayers. I have to admit that not all cosplay are great but for some who are, it is inspiring and amazing. I know a few friends of mine who are fond of cosplay, they even took part in a cosplay contest once in a while.

Although I am sure that there are a lot of male cosplayers, the most interesting cosplay is often the female characters, because as we know, cosplay is mostly based on Japanese Anime or Manga, and considering the costume that the female characters wear on those Anime or Manga is interesting, to say the least.

To put it more bluntly. it is also because usually the female characters are wearing revealing and sexy costumes. I know I like how complex the male characters costumes can be, but it is still more fun to watch the female cosplayers. It is fun to see how they manage to bring the female characters to life.

Anyway, I wish I can go to a cosplay contest or show sometimes. For now, I just have to make do with pictures of it.

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