Cicipi – The Food & Dining Review

Cicipi - The Food & Dining Review PortalA couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad about in Facebook. In Indonesian language, Cicipi literally means ‘to taste’. My first thought when I saw the ad was that this website must be about food. So as a person who loves to pamper his taste buds, I decided to go and paid this website a visit.

As it happened, my initial guess is quite correct, is indeed a website about food. Actually to be more precise, is a review portal website about Food & Dining, and also about Beauty & Spa places in and around 4 big city / area in Indonesia namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. They also mention info about promotions offered by several of those places. There is only a several promotional info on the website at the moment, but I think that is because the website is rather new or because the member base is still few.

What I mean by review portal is because is a place where people can register as its member to post a review of their favorite or not-so-favorite Food & Dining, and also Beauty & Spa places in and around the 4 big city / area that I mentioned earlier. Nowadays, food and appearance are seen as a lifestyle, and more people are searching for better places to eat and treat their self.

The idea is actually very nice and serves the members or people who happened to look for certain info, or recommendations about a certain place. But the downside is the reviews are rather short, and sometimes doesn’t give lot info to actually be taken into consideration. I wish people would post more detailed and thorough review there. Some of the reviews are also written both in English and in Indonesian which could cater to both Expatriates and Indonesian citizen alike. But the proportion between such reviews is still sparse.

Cicipi is actually the first website of its kind that I know of, and it still allow for a lot of improvement. If you happened to live in or around Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or Bali or even if you’re planning to travel there, then this website could be considered as one of your point of reference. I believe as the website matures and more people are adding better reviews, has the potential to become one of, if not the best website of its kind.

If you happen to know of a good place or two, consider putting a review about it there. I’m sure you will found it to be the first of many more reviews. Good luck reviewing and see you around!

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