Christmas is Coming

Christmas is only a few days away. It has always been my favorite holiday especially because it brings families together which in turn brings many happy memories with it. I know that many people like Christmas because of the presents although in actuality it was not that important.

Nonetheless, many people will want to give or have a nice Christmas presents for or from their loved ones. Blessed are those who still have someone that is willing or even looking forward to give them Christmas presents. There are a lot more people who won’t have anything to give or receive this Christmas.

That said, I know many people would love to have an iPhone as a Christmas present here, especially because iPhone 4G has arrived here. I read in a giant billboard by the street earlier tonight that it costs around $750 to get one, carrier service included. I know many people are willing to spend that much of money for an iPhone. I wish they would be willing to spend some to actually brighten someone who is less fortunate than them. That way, we’ll keep the Christmas spirit alive.

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