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Just Another Morning in Azeroth

Blood Elf PaladinIt was morning as usual when my wife wakes me up. She started it gently, but when it is apparent that it is not working, she started rising the tone of her voice until it is almost turn into yelling. “Wake up you lazy, no good for nothing, wannabe Paladin! Go get your stuffs, get out of the house and don’t you dare enter it again before you at least increases in level and brings home something to eat!”

Reluctantly, I get up, muscles aching everywhere. That’s what you get for spending way too much time at the tavern, having a little too much ale. Not counting the fact that I slept in front of the fireplace with my chain armor still on. Ragged as it is, the armor is made from iron nonetheless. It creaked from lack of oiling, just like my body did a while ago. Read the rest of this entry »