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It has been more than two weeks now since I bought my latest Mobile Phone. It is an Android phone called Nexian Journey. I know that I want to own an Android phone since I heard about it sometime ago. I was reluctant at first because usually, an Android phone is quite expensive for me.

Even at first, this Nexian Journey would cost me around US$320. It was somewhat acceptable although I wanted to find any info first about this handset. I don’t really think that there are a lot of Indonesian who owns an Android phone, so I really wanted to find some review about this particular handset. Read the rest of this entry »

Protect Your PC

I might not be the best person to give an opinion about Anti Virus software, but I know a good software when I use one. I have only been working as a Systems Administrator for around one and a half year, but I have been tinkering with PCs for a long time before it.

Even then, this past one and a half year I learned quite a lot about virus and anti virus in general. I have tried several Anti Virus Software, from the one the standalone ones, the free version ones, to the paid ones. I know a good Anti Virus Software when I use one. Read the rest of this entry »

Smart Internet Connection

Smart Telecom's Logo

Right now, there are a lot of choices for internet connections in and around Jakarta. Finding the right one for your need can be quite challenging but also rewarding at the same time. So I am more than willing to help when my sister asked my opinion about internet connection solution(s) that will allow her to access the web from her notebook at home.

I remember that I still have a Nokia 6585 CDMA mobile phone that I rarely use. Back then I used the phone with StarOne as my provider to connect to the internet, and I am still subscribed to their services, even though I don’t use them anymore since I already have an unlimited internet connection at home using Firstmedia.

So being the nice brother, I decided to lend her my N6585, along with the charger and a DKU-5 data cable. I installed the driver for the data cable on her notebook, and then I installed the modem driver that will allow the phone to be used as modem in Windows. Read the rest of this entry »

Feeling a Little Nostalgic

I still remember, although perhaps just vaguely, that when I was just a kid, my father was a member of the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization. He used to spend a lot of time chatting in front of his radio equipment whenever he was home.

It was kind of fun hearing him chat with his friends. It was perhaps similar to what we used nowadays, the difference being in the medium used to chat. Nowadays we chat using computers as the medium, and we usually chat by typing what we want to say / express.

Using radio is somewhat different and perhaps a bit more intimate because we actually heard our friends voices coming from the speaker, and it also makes it harder to lie about our gender, where in today’s means of chatting that is by typing, it is easy to actually lie about your gender. Read the rest of this entry »

Indonesian Computer Festival

Festival Komputer Indonesia or The Indonesian Computer Festival is being held from June 11th to June 15th 2008. This was the biggest event yet, being held simultaneously at 6 major cities in Indonesia. You can see the schedule on the Indonesian Computer Festival’s website.

Being a computer major, I used to consider visiting this kind of show as mandatory. Especially because you can learn a lot and besides that you can also found many good deals and bargains there. Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit the show this time since my schedule is very tight this week.

I am rather disappointed by this because it has been a while since an event this big was held. I found events such as this to be informational and even educational. There are also economic factor to be considered because I usually can found a pretty good deal on computer peripherals. Read the rest of this entry »