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Format Matters

I have always wanted to play several of my movie collection on my old DVD player, too bad the collection is on an unplayable (.AVI) format because my old DVD player only plays DVD movies. I made a mental note to try to find a way to convert those collection to playable DVD movies, but I haven’t really tried looking yet.

Last month, my old DVD player broke down after around 18 months of use. All it said is “NO DISC” even though there is a DVD movie disc inside it. I tried opening the case and cleaning the optical lens with alcohol and it managed to play a couple of DVDs that I tried before it broke down again.

A week ago, I bought a new player which have the same brand as the old player (I’ll write more on this later), but it is a new model that also have the capabilities to play DivX movie formats, either on DVD media or on removable media (it has a built-in USB slot) such as a flash or thumb drive. I tried asking the salesperson what kind of DivX format that the player support, but unfortunately he is as clueless as I am, if not more. Read the rest of this entry »

Error When Burning DVD/CD

It happen a couple of days ago. It has been a while since I recorded anything on my LiteOn DVD Writer optical drive, so I was surprised and a little bit annoyed that it failed to record my data to a Sony DVD+R discs. And to make matters worse, it failed on me three times!

You can imagine how annoying it could be! I tried two burning softwares; the first one is ImgBurn, which is a freeware DVD/CD burning solution that I just tried. I forget what exactly the error was, but it just won’t burn my data. Since it was my first time trying the software, I tried using another software just to make sure.

The second software that I tried was Nero 7 Express which comes bundled with my DVD drive. As it happened, Nero failed me too, so I was starting to think that the problem was not with the software. Fortunately, this time I remember to take note of the problem which is “DMA-driver error, CRC error” in Nero. Read the rest of this entry »

Ubuntu 8.04 – The Hardy Heron

Ubuntu Site's ScreenshotI was browsing the web as usual tonight when I suddenly remembered that it has been more than a  month since the latest version of Ubuntu was released. If you didn’t know, Ubuntu is the only Operating System (and a free one at that) who is scheduled for a new version release every 6 months. That is twice in a year!

If you look at the version number, 8.04 means that that Ubuntu version was released at the year of 2008 ( the number 8 ) and at the month of April ( the number 04 ). This is the eighth release of Ubuntu, and knowing its dependability to release a new version for every 6 months, the next version of Ubuntu (8.10) will be released on October later this year. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Import Posts From Blogger to WordPress

Blogger and WordPress LogoIf you know the word ‘blog’, chances are you also know of a website called Blogger, where you can create your own blog for free. No setting up, monthly or even yearly fee unless you want to use your own domain name. I also use their free service to create a blog when I started blogging in 2004, although I didn’t blog that often. But lately, more and more people started blogging not only as a means to express themselves, but also to earn money.

There are now more than 50 million blog sites on the internet with around 170.000 more blog sites is created every day, that is approximately 2 blog sites per second. So I decided to continue blogging, but this time with an added incentive, that is to try and make some extra cash from my blog. Read the rest of this entry »

WordPress 2.5 Released

This must be the most blogged about topic in the blogging world right now, even the top blog sites are posting about it although perhaps not very detailed yet. Considering that a lot of people are using WordPress as the basis of their blog, this is not a very surprising thing. I myself use WordPress for building my blog and so far I have to say that I am very satisfied with it. Besides allowing people who have nothing or minimal knowledge in web building to have a very professional blog, it is also easy enough to install.

If you want to build your own blog, WordPress is quite frankly the best choice for you, because most hosting companies now provide the tool to build WordPress with just a couple of mouse clicks. Read the rest of this entry »