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Euro 2008 Quarter Final Results

Spain Vs ItalyThese last few days is full of surprises, especially regarding the Euro 2008 Quarter Final results. As it happened, Spain and Italy are fighting for the last ticket into the semifinal right now, and I am watching it as I write this.

The first ticket went to Germany after they beat Portugal 3 – 2 last Thursday. The second ticket went to Turkey after they beat Croatia 3 – 1 on penalties and the third ticket went to Russia after they beat Netherlands 3 – 1 after extra time.

Surely these results are surprising because as my neighbor said, the ones who get through are the runner ups for each group. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain Win 2 – 1 Against Sweden

Ibrahimovic's goal against SpainHere we go again for another post where I write my take of Euro 2008 results so far and this time it is Spain versus Sweden. David Villa scored during the injury time to put Spain as leader of group D. As I write this, the match between Greece and Russia have started.

My coworker and I had a little conversation regarding Spain’s brilliant win over Russia the other day. My friend actually said that despite their seemingly wonderful play, Spain actually had a weak defense and that is somewhat more apparent tonight during the match against Sweden.

There are some controversy too during the game when David Silva was fouled by Johan Elmander. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday the 13th Football

Last night, I read an article on the internet that yesterday was Friday the 13th and that it could spell trouble for the Italians, since their game against Romania was also the 13th game of the tournament. But as it happens, the Italians are more afraid of Friday the 17th because in Italy, 17 are considered an unlucky number and not 13.

After yesterday’s games which kind of fall short of my expectation, I wished earlier that last night’s games will be better, and it happened to be just the case. On the first game, the World Champion tried desperately to win the game to keep them self in the competition.

But apparently, they only manage to force a draw with the Romanians. They almost lost the match but thanks to a brilliant save by Gianluigi Buffon which saw Adrian Mutu’s Penalty parried away. Read the rest of this entry »

Playing Wargames is Not For Everyone

Being an avid gamer, I have played many genre of games before. They range from simple puzzle games, to complex, micro-managing strategy games. I even used to love playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games.

I don’t like war, and I really hoped that they can be stopped and prevented so they won’t be another horrible thing such as another World War. But just as some people like to play wargames on their computers, there are also people who like to play real wargames.

The word ‘real’ here is relative, since they used fake or replica weapon that uses plastic bullets or even paint bullets. Read the rest of this entry »

What A Rough Match

I am still a little disappointed because I missed the match between Czech Republic and Portugal where Portugal beat Czech Republic 3 to 1. I guess even having the great Petr Cech doesn’t make them any less vulnerable against the Portuguese side which also featured Cristiano Ronaldo.

But Czech Republic still have one more chance to prove they are worthy for the next round when they go up against Turkey on Sunday. Since it is going to be Turkey’s last chance too, the match will hopefully be lively and full of attacking style of play.

Speaking of lively, Germany just lost 1 to 2 against Croatia, which came as a surprise for some people because Germany is considered one of the favorites to win the tournament. Read the rest of this entry »