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The Past Revisited

Back in my early junior high days, I joined my school Table Tennis club. I was not very good back then, but I love the sport nonetheless. I remember my first bat was a pre-made Stiga bat. I am not quite sure if it was a real Stiga bat, but I am still quite proud about it.

I didn’t have the chance to play for long then. Perhaps I only get to play for a year or two. I never played table tennis again after that until I learned that my office provided the employees with three table tennis table to play with. So, after almost 20 years, I get to play table tennis again.

It was then I realized that there are such things as a custom made table tennis bat. It was in the afternoon after work that I got to play with several of my co-workers when suddenly one of them lends me his bat. I was amazed; it was so much different than the pre-made bats that I played with before. Read the rest of this entry »

Until We Meet Again!

Life is one giant roller coaster ride that never actually ends. It turns, it bends, it goes up and it goes down, again and again. It might not be the best of metaphors to actually describe what life is, but for now it will do. Enough talking about life, now let’s talk about football instead?

Living in a football crazed country such as Indonesia sure has its privileges, and one of them is the ability to watch ALL the matches LIVE and for FREE. Although our national football team hasn’t had the ability to compete in a world stage for a long time, we still love football nonetheless. Read the rest of this entry »

Addio, la squadra di calcio italiana!

Goodbye, Italian football team! I hope we’ll be seeing you in another two years at the European stages and in another four years at the World stages again. I wish it could have been different for them, but I think this proves that the ball is indeed round.

It was a thrilling game two watch, especially in the latter stages of second half. Surprises after surprises keep on coming and it was joyful to watch. It was marred by the dramas that both teams made, though. It was not surprising to see the Italy players did such a thing, I mean it was kind of their ‘specialty’. Read the rest of this entry »

The Number One Tennis Player

If you at least know or like Tennis, then you will probably say that the number one male tennis player in the world is Roger Federer. If you look at the ATP Tennis’ Official Site then the rankings will also showed you that Roger Federer is still the number one male Tennis player in the world while Rafael Nadal is second and Novak Djokovic is third.

I am not a die hard fan of Tennis, but I do love to watch the top Tennis players compete on television. Federer might be number one, but my favorite Tennis player is Rafael Nadal. I don’t know why but there’s something about the young lad that’s just likeable.

If Federer is known as the King of Tennis, Nadal is known as the King of Clay. Read the rest of this entry »

Euro 2008 Final Showdown

Okay, I admit that the title is somewhat ‘inappropriate’, for lack of a better word. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, tonight in the Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria, the final match of Euro 2008 between Germany and Spain is going to take place.

After almost a month of quality football (most of them though) Euro 2008 ending is almost here. After tonight’s match (or early morning here in Indonesia) we can all go back to our normal sleeping schedule. Staying up until the early morning just to watch a single football match is tiring, doing that for almost a month is asking for early retirement.

As much as I wanted to watch the final match, I don’t think I will. Read the rest of this entry »