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The Side Effect of Pollution

I have been using a motorcycle to get to my destination for more than 12 years. I rarely goes by public transport anymore unless I really have to. Even in the weekend, I rarely drive my car around unless I can’t reasonably reach my destination either because of bad weather or because the distance was just too far away.

Of course it would be a different matter if I went with my family, but most of the time my motorcycle is my preferred mean of transportation throughout Jakarta. There are several things though, that makes riding a motorcycle a nuisance, such as extreme weather, the traffic and also the pollution.

The pollution is quite bad here, especially during the morning and evening rush hour, although based on my experience, the evening rush hour is the worst. I recalled being almost unable to breathe and my lungs feels like it was on fire because there is almost no oxygen left to breathe. Read the rest of this entry »

After the Holiday

The holiday officially ended last Thursday, although most people usually extend their leave. Even though I can’t extend mine for a reason, I enjoyed the trip to the office because the streets were less crowded than usual. It took around 15 minutes to the office when it usually takes 30.

It only happened once or twice during a year, so I enjoyed it as long as I could. The air feels fresher, no sense of hurry, it just feels nice. Too bad it will all disappear next Monday because the traffic will return to normal, although gradually. No more fresh air, a lot of headache and hurrying, at least until next year. Read the rest of this entry »

Crowded Streets No More

At least for this week only. Usually during the Eid ul-Fitr holiday, many people from Jakarta went and visit their families. Usually their families lives quite far from Jakarta and it could took hours or even days to go and visit them. Since many people in Jakarta come from rural areas.

I enjoyed the air because it feels and looks more fresh and clear than usual. It is a joy to go for a ride or a drive on your motorcycle or car because the streets are mostly empty or at least free from the usual traffic jam that’s been plaguing this city for so long. Read the rest of this entry »

Need For a Treatment

If you read my last post about the General Election in Indonesia, then you’d know that 5 days ago we had a General Election to choose which political party (we had plenty actually, which is bad in my opinion) would represent us in the Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

There’s too many wrong choices and even the ones that we thought are good doesn’t really assure us 100%. I guess that’s the way it is with politics. Who can really say that we truly trust our politician 100%? Perhaps we just clinging to that hope, where 50% reliability is okay. They end up crushing or fulfilling our hopes.

The election actually ran up pretty smooth, which made me a little bit surprised, but it was good. I went to the election booth with my family, and it was quite crowded there. I managed to take some pictures from behind the booth with my cellphone, which I’ll try to upload later. Read the rest of this entry »

Airport Security in Jakarta

You might think it’s a strange title for a post especially coming from me, but I have to be honest, one of the thing that disappoint me is the lack of security in the airport here in Jakarta. There have been a lot of complaints about passenger’s lost luggage and belongings. Even then, the security is still lacking.

I don’t really know the statistics and my knowledge on this matter is somewhat limited. The main source where I got the news regarding this matter are from one of the local newspaper (KOMPAS) and from the internet news portal. But judging from the frequency of such news, I would say that there’s quite a lot of passengers which experiences such loss.

What usually happen is when people arrived here at Jakarta International Airport Soekarno-Hatta, and wait for their luggage to come out, only to find that it has been tampered with. I remembered reading about it once where the luggage is still intact with no signs of being tampered, but the valuables inside is missing. Read the rest of this entry »