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Shooting It Out

I don’t really like violence, some people would say that I am a coward, and I have to admit that they could be right to some extent. But I do lose my temper once in a while. I didn’t like it when I do because I didn’t like how I feel afterward. There’s something strange about it though, because although I don’t like violence but I often played games that incorporates a lot of violence.

I guess a lot of games, to some extent, portray violence in them. Of course games such as these usually comes with a warning that they are only appropriate for people who are of certain age as indicated by the games rating. Even though I don’t like violence, I admit that I have played games that contain violence in it such as the Medal of Honor games. Read the rest of this entry »

Free PC Games

Puzzle PiratesNow, I sounded like one of those gaming ads you would see on the internet. Perhaps it was because I did saw a bit too much of those ads. Anyway, gaming is one of my favorite pastimes and there are a lot of ways to play games, although it was not always easy to find a gaming site in the web that really offer games for free.

I mostly played flash based games which you can find abundantly nowadays and the best thing is they are usually free to play, with some exception of course. I would like to play those new PC games, but to be honest my current PC can’t really handle the requirements for those games.

To be honest, playing those flash games can be a lot of fun too. I know I’ve found several good ones that I played over and over again. It amazes me how much a flash or java games can do nowadays; some even enables you to save your progress! Now that certainly requires some fancy programming skills. Read the rest of this entry »