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Studying Abroad

I guess it has been almost everybody’s dream to be able to study abroad, especially in countries which have high standards of education. I remember when I was young; I used to dream that someday I will be able to study abroad too. Perhaps it is just the infatuation of youth but studying abroad sure has benefits.

Studying abroad in a prestigious country and in a prestigious institution increases your value in the eyes of any future prospectors or employers, that much I am aware. Of course you have to be prepared if you want to study in such places, and even then you might not be sure that you’ll be able to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

A Flexible Way to Learn

I remember having distance learning as a topic for my final project in University, mostly a concept back then. Right now distance or online learning is not a concept anymore, with many institutions offering degrees and courses which can be taken either partially or fully online learning method.

Most of those institutions are an established school or universities, but some are offering their courses and degrees exclusively and entirely online such as the Western Governors University or WGU, which was founded on 1997 by 19 U.S Governors hence the name. Read the rest of this entry »