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How To Know If Your Site Has Been Duplicated

Copyscape Website’s ScreenshotAs any webmaster will tell you, in the internet the most important thing is traffic. Even if your writing skill could earn you a Pulitzer prize, if no one is actually reading your writing, then your writing skill will do you no good. But if your writing skill is good or even just okay, and there are hundreds or even thousands of people who read and actually likes your writing, then you have much more to gain.

When you write about something you like, or if writing is one of your passion, surely you don’t want people to plagiarize your writing and claim it as their own. But since there are literally millions of blogs out there in the Internet, finding out whether one or several blog has done just that is almost, if not, impossible. Read the rest of this entry »

Right Here Waiting

Who am I waiting for? Well actually it is better if I rephrase the word and wrote WHAT I am waiting for instead. Actually there are two things that I am waiting right now. The first one is the American Idol Top 11 Show tonight, and the second is the news regarding my blog approval status from Pay Per Post.

If you are a fan of the American Idol show, then you should know that David Hernandez is going home last week. If America voted for their favorite contestants based on singing prowess alone, I don’t think he is the one to go home last week. Read the rest of this entry »

A Change of Heart – For The Third Time

Lately, the weather for the last couple of days in Jakarta is not very friendly. Alternating from dry, to drizzle, to heavy downpour, and then back to dry again. With such fluctuating weather, it is only a matter of time before someone gets sick. As it happens, my son is having a cold. Yesterday, the cold was at its worst. He could not sleep well and is prone to waking up in the middle of the night, coughing badly. It was not until today, thanks to a quick visit to a physicist’s office, that the fever and the coughing have lessened. Despite all of the things that I have in mind, I am unable to put it into writing, because family comes first. The only thing I managed to do that has a lasting effect on my blog was updating my WordPress Theme for a third time.

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Healthy Blogging

Today, I just realized something interesting. This February have been the most productive month of writing. This is my 8th blog entry, and it is not even halfway past the month! I don’t usually write as much as I do now. Oh there are ideas, and quite plenty of them, if I might add. But usually, every time I went online, the routine is almost the same. Check mail, browse for a little headline news (my favorite news website is the BBC News Page– International Version), and then it is time for my World of Warcraft (WoW) Session. Although usually my WoW session is taking most of my time online.

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Blogsvertise’s Website

In my last post, I asked whether it is possible to earn money from blogging. As a matter of fact, on Indra’s Website, he recommends a site that he himself visited often. The website name is Blogsvertise. Here you can earn cash by doing a paid review(s) of other websites’ products and services that advertises themselves through the site, hence the name.

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