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David Archuleta’s Dad Banned From The Show

David Archuleta's Singing Stand By MeI need to apologize on two things. First, because I haven’t done any post regarding American Idol Top 4 performance and result show last week. Second, because there’s a good chance I might not be able to write another post until next week.

My best buddy of 25 years is getting married, and he asked me to sing in his wedding reception. I’m just an amateur singer, mind you. I usually only accept such request from people who are close to me. I’m not actually a professional Wedding Singer. But I do love to sing, and considering this as doing a favor for my buddy.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. If you are curious about the title, this news is one of the most talked about stuff regarding American Idol lately. It was said that David Archuleta’s dad is being banned from the show and also the rehearsal as well. Why is that so? Read the rest of this entry »

When Brooke Left – American Idol Top 5 Results

Brooke White Looking SourWell, these last few days have been quite busy for me. Finding quality time to do some update is getting hard lately. That and also the fact that I lost focus these last couple of weeks. I think a little extra time is mandatory right now if I still want to post regularly.

Anyway, just for a quick follow up on American Idol Top 5 Results last week. Brooke White got the lowest number of votes, and that meant that she’s going home. At this point, all the contestants that is still in the competition have got their own fan base now. So it is not very surprising to read on the American Idol website that there are still people who think that Brooke shouldn’t be the one who went home last week. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top 6 Contestants

David Cook's singing "Always Be My Baby"It has been a while since American Idol Season 7 started sometime last year. It is now only five contestants left, and just two weeks away from the Grand Finale. And they will be singing songs by Neil Diamond, who will also take part as their mentor. It is interesting to think what song choices the contestants will make, as you can also see on this site.

That reminds me of Carly Smithson who is voted off last week after the contestants performed songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In my opinion, she was not the one who should got voted off last week. Regardless of how human people think Brooke White is just because she is brave enough to restart her song after her first try, in my opinion she is the one who should have go home instead. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Top 8 Results Show

Last week we got another surprise from the American Idol result show, Michael Johns is going home despite people predicting him to be in the top 3 singers. Honestly though, this far into the competition it is getting quite hard to predict who is going home and who is going to stay. Although in my opinion, based on the performance, Michael is not the one who should be going home, not yet. Who should be going home then? Read the rest of this entry »

David Archuleta Strikes Back – American Idol Top 9

David Archuleta on American IdolYou know, using the same format for my post title about American Idol is getting repetitive. So I think why not play a little with the Title. As you can see for yourself, I think by reading the title you’ll already know who did well last night. In my opinion, David Archuleta’s rendition of Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Memories is his best performance to date, even better than when he sings John Lennon’s Imagine.

Overall the contestants performed okay. But a few did standout from the rest, namely David Archuleta, David Cook and Michael Johns. I love how Michael Johns improvised on his’ song choice ending. Just like Simon said, it was his best performance so far, and I agree with him. As for David Cook, I enjoyed his performance overall. Oh, I also happened to read that David Cook was taken to a hospital after last night show Read the rest of this entry »