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American Idol Season 8 Top 11

I just finished watching this week’s American Idol show about half an hour ago. This time, the top eleven tried their best, although in my opinion only a few actually managed to really shine and show how good they really are. This time, I will do a person-by-person review.

Just a note before you read my “review”, this is solely my opinion, there’s bound to be some disagreement, so don’t take it too seriously. I just hope you’ll find it interesting enough to keep on reading the post. Enough of that now, and here’s the “review”, sorted by order of appearance:
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First Casualties

Strange title for this post actually, but to tell the truth I just can’t think of anything right now. I rarely get more than 5 hours of sleep this week, and even then the workload at the office is starting to dishearten me. As usual, the thing that keep me going is by firmly believing that it will become less busy someday. I just have to keep holding on and believe.

Just like Jasmine and Jorge perhaps. The decision is a little surprising, because I didn’t think Jorge would have to come home this soon. You can tell that they were both very disappointed just by looking at their faces. At times like these, you just have to hold on and keep on believing in yourself, which is kinda hard in my opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Show

Ahhh, it has been a while since this blog of mine sees a new post! I have to admit that given the circumstances, it was mainly my fault. Of course there are outside influence as well, but nevertheless I should have not succumbed to procrastination. What can I say, sometimes I need to take a break from doing the same thing over and over again. This time I guess I needed some time off from blogging.

Not anymore though! There’s a good reason why I feel compelled to write again after taking a break for awhile, and what better reason than American Idol? It has been awhile since American Idol season 7 ended, and season 8 is now entering the final stages already, the top 13!

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After American Idol Season 7 Has Ended

David Cook and David Archuleta walking togetherWell, at least for this season it has ended, just wait until it starts again next year! I heard they are trying to implement new changes to the show in order to keep it interesting. One of them is by lowering the age requirements to 14.

I don’t really know, but in my opinion 14 years old is too young to be experiencing such pressure and exposure. I don’t think it will be good for those young hopefuls, especially considering how cruel a reality show can be.

With an age gap of 14 years, I think it will also be unfair to those who are at the lowest age group, both from experience and singing skill point of view. You just can’t expect to find a singing prodigy like David Archuleta that easily. And to be honest, it is also not good for their vocal chords. Read the rest of this entry »

David Cook Is The New American Idol!

David Cook versus David ArchuletaI’ve got to tell you, last weekend was one of the most tiring I’ve ever had for a while. Actually this whole months have been quite intense, I feel drained somewhere along the way. This is also reflected in my post, I just couldn’t find the energy to wake up late and make a post every couple of days. My post count this month is still less than five!

Blogging is actually harder than I first thought it would be. You have to be constantly creative to be able to find something that is actually useful to write. Thank God I still have American Idol shows to write about, but even that I didn’t get to write as often as I would’ve liked.

Anyway, I just watched the American Idol Finale Result Show a few hours ago when David Cook is declared the winner of the infamous singing talent competition show. There are some controversies, though you cannot expect less from American Idol, but not by much. In my opinion, David Cook deserves to win American Idol Season 7. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Archie fan, but David Cook is better than him.

I read on the American Idol website that some people think Syesha’s the better singer than the Davids. Well, she improved a lot, much more than the others in my opinion, but she’s still rough around the edges sometimes, especially when she’s singing ballad-type songs.

As an example, when she is singing the USA’s national anthem at the Tampa Bay Rays’ game in Florida which you can also read on my last post about American Idol. She’s dragging the song and sings most of it at the top of her voice. That makes the song harder to enjoy and rather awkward to the ear. But she did excel in Broadway-esque songs in my opinion. And finishing 3rd was as best a result for her.

As for the Finale, I have to be fair. According to Simon, David Archuleta delivered a knockout blow to David Cook, but later he corrected himself saying that his comment was bordering toward disrespect for David Cook. Was it because after he reviewed the Finale Performances he realized that David Cook was the better performer, or was it because he already knew the result firsthand and was attempting to restore David Cook’s honor after his comment the night before? Read the rest of this entry »