Cancer Sores

The positive side in writing a blog in a language that is not your native is you’re bound to learn a lot from the experience. I know I have learned a great deal of things since I started writing in English, which is not my native language. It was very fun although it could be time consuming at times.

I got to learn words that are rarely heard on an everyday conversation, such as the one I use as this post’s title, Canker sores or sariawan in Bahasa Indonesia. As it happened, I have one in my mouth that just won’t go away that easily. I tried brushing my teeth more, using mouthwash, but no avail.

I think the reason why the canker sores just won’t go away is because it is badly placed. Every time I speak, it gets scrubbed by a tooth. I can see when I look at it in the mirror, so that’s why I used an antiseptic solution on it; hopefully it will get better soon.

I also noticed that my teeth are not as white as I want it to be. Perhaps a Plano cosmetic dentist can help me? I won’t really know for sure though. Anyway I gotta go to sleep now, so see you all later!

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