Bogor – The City of Rain

Lo Mie BogorBogor is a city in West Java around 35 miles to the south of Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, with the tendencies to rain almost everyday regardles of season (hence the post title). Usually accessed via Jagorawi toll road, the earliest toll road in Indonesia. With a population around 3 million, Bogor is a quite busy city. My Grandpa lives there with my Uncle and his Family. We usually visited them regularly, at least once a month. I enjoyed going there on a regular basis because of the absence of a busy metropolitan and also because I had so many sweet and fond memory there. One of my favorite is the food. Bogor have its share of delicacies that cannot easily be found in other places.

One of them is Lomie Bogor. Lomie is a type of noodle, chinese style, usually served with vegetables, meat, and a thick sauce poured all over it. Lomie is one of my favorite food beside nasi goreng (fried rice). I remember when I was small, every time my family takes me to a Chinese restaurant I always (well, almost always) order a bowl of Lomie. The usual Lomie is served with a thick but clear sauce. But Lomie Bogor is served with a thick brown sauce. As with any Lomie, it is the sauce that makes them special. But Lomie Bogor is surely my favorite type of Lomie.

I usually eat Lomie Bogor in a store in Jalan Suryakencana or Suryakencana Street. My mom knows the owner. but then again, people said that everyone who have been living in Bogor for a long time is somewhat related even though perhaps remotely. The store is several a couple hundred meters just after the Bank Central Asia branch (the only one in that street) and also after a minimarket to the left of the street. There are actually more food than just Lomie that you can found in Bogor, but I’ll write about them later.

Besides food, Bogor is also known for its cultural events, most recently the Cap Go Meh. Cap Go Meh is one of a Chinese New year celebration event which is held on the 15th day after Chinese New Year. During Cap Go Meh, Suryakencana street is closed for vehicles because they held a Festival there for the better part of the day up until midnight. My friend Armelo participated in the last event as a photographer. You can see Armelo’s exceptional photos in his Multiply site.

I wish I can go and watch the festival someday. But for now, watching the photos should do fine for me. There are actually more of Bogor that I want to share, but time is pressing, so I’ll keep it for another post. See you later!

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