Beyond the Sea

A coworker of mine is spending his days atop an offshore oil rig. I have never been to an offshore oil rig before, let alone spending two weeks straight working at an oil rig. I know that you cannot just go and work in an oil rig, there are a lot of prerequisite to fulfill before you can actually be considered to work at one.

I also know that it is quite hard and expensive to get the required certification, which is understandable considering the risks and hazards often associated with such work. I heard from my coworker that the weather is not quite friendly, with high wind and waves making life more complicated.

So I can understand why there are companies that specialized in maritime injury with experienced maritime injury lawyer; to help with the recovering process if any accidents that caused serious injury should happen. My prayers go to my coworker and all people who risked their life on a daily basis to be able to support their family.

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