Behind the Booth

As promised, here are the pictures that I took when I participated on the General Election in Indonesia last week. The quality was so-so, considering these was taken with my cellphone. It was quite okay though, but it reminds me that I should really get a new digital camera, I’ll look it up later on.

pemilu2009aThis is the first picture which shows the election booth from the inside. Notice the letters ‘KPU’ or ‘Komisi Pemilihan Umum’ (General Election’s Committee). It was quite a small booth, and I can even see what the person next to me is voting if I tried. Not perfect but won’t complain much about it either.

pemilu2009bThis is the second picture which showed the election area from behind the booth. It was quite crowded, and we had to wait for sometime for our turn to vote. The place was not quite far though, just several hundred meters away.

Well, these are all the pictures I’ve taken. I don’t want to attract too much attention, so I deliberately keep as low profile as I can get. Perhaps I should’ve taken a camera with me next time. Oh well, I need to sleep now, it is almost 4AM in the morning and I need to go to work in 4 hours. See you all later!

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