Back Problems

Ever since I pulled my back when playing with my children, it still feels tight at times. I admit I didn’t always keep a straight pose all the time, both during sitting and during walking; although it was somewhat harder to keep sitting straight all the time at work, especially when I am feeling somewhat lazy.

My back feels better lately, although I need to keep reminding myself to sit straight. I know that the chair that we used can also help us sit straight. I also tried to tell my children to sit straight even though they are sitting on the floor. I guess I need to go and check my daughter’s school to see what kind of chair they use there.

I believe that the use of a good classroom chairs can help her maintain a good pose and avoid any back injury. I just hope that they are taking the students wellbeing into consideration in choosing their chairs. Oh well, I guess I’ll just remind myself to go and take a look later today. Until later then!

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