Avatar the Movie

Yesterday, I watched Avatar the movie for the second time. The first was several days before Christmas with my best buddy, the second time I went with my wife, my sis and my sis’ boyfriend. Thanks to my ma for taking care of the kids so that we may go and enjoy ourselves a little bit, it has been a while.

Both times we watched the 3D version of Avatar. I admit I was a little skeptic about 3D since the last time I remember watching something in 3D was using this glasses made of thick paper or carton with green and red plastic for the ‘lenses’. I don’t see any fun watching a movie wearing something like that.

I also remembered that before I go watch the movie for the first time, I heard one of my co-worker said that there was nothing special about the 3D effects. In the end I decided to go watch in anyway, since I want to watch that movie not because it is in 3D but because I want to see James Cameron’s grand project with my own eyes.

I was in for a surprise though. I found out that the glasses are quite cool, and the ‘lenses’ are black. The Avatar movie itself is good and the effects are great. Though I know some people who didn’t like the movie, either because they think the story is so-so or that the effects aren’t good enough, I found it to be very entertaining and satisfying experience and as such didn’t really mind going out a second time.

It has been a while since I went to see a movie on big screen, but having experienced watching Avatar in 3D makes me believe that I’ll be going back to watch other 3D movies provided that I like the genre. All in all, the last couple of weeks are one of the nicest holiday I have ever had.

I just wish that I got to see the making of Avatar someday. It has been a while since a movie piqued my interest so much that I want to see how they manage to make a movie like that. Oh and besides that, I really wish that somehow, they could make some of my favorite movies in 3D as well. Although I don’t really think the chances are good that they would do a remake of Star Wars episode 1 – 6 in 3D.

Oh well, perhaps they would do a new 3D movie based on the Star Wars universe. I can’t wait to see it happen. Enough of the Avatar the movie little review from me. If you haven’t watched it in 3D and you happen to like Science Fiction / Adventure genre, I suggest you go and watch Avatar in 3D, it is worth every penny. Happy New Year and this new year brings more joy and happiness to you all!

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