At The Counter

Finally, my strength has returned, although I don’t want to risk working out again tonight. I decided to take one more day before I started doing my routine again. Catching cold sure is a nuisance, thank God I finally feel better tonight. Fortunately the cold is not severe, and hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better.

Anyway, these last few days I’ve been in several Supermarkets and I can’t help thinking about the system that they use at the counter / cashier. I know it wasn’t like your conventional personal computer at home, but more likely a specialized system made just for that purpose.

Most likely beside the specially made system, it also use specially designed OS also. I was curious so I did some researching around to find more information about those systems. I found out that they are called the Point of Sales Systems or POS Systems for short.

They came in different kinds depending on what business you are planning to use it on. They sure look nice and expensive too. There are many systems to choose from, so you can pick the one that will benefit you the most. Anyway, you can go and have a look for yourself. For me it’s time to have some fun before I go to sleep. See you all around then!

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