It has been more than two weeks now since I bought my latest Mobile Phone. It is an Android phone called Nexian Journey. I know that I want to own an Android phone since I heard about it sometime ago. I was reluctant at first because usually, an Android phone is quite expensive for me.

Even at first, this Nexian Journey would cost me around US$320. It was somewhat acceptable although I wanted to find any info first about this handset. I don’t really think that there are a lot of Indonesian who owns an Android phone, so I really wanted to find some review about this particular handset.

I found several websites, but they doesn’t really gave a good enough review for me, I still am unsure and I don’t really want to spend my money into it just to disappoint myself. I decided to wait and see what will happen in a few week or so. I was lucky I guess because something happened just a couple of weeks after it

Apparently Nexian lowered the price on their Journey handset by around $100. I didn’t want to let this chance go away, so I decided to buy myself one. So far I am a quite satisfied owner of an Android phone and it kept me busy installing and tweaking it. I wish I can find something more to share. Perhaps later then.

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