American Idol Top 8 Results Show

Last week we got another surprise from the American Idol result show, Michael Johns is going home despite people predicting him to be in the top 3 singers. Honestly though, this far into the competition it is getting quite hard to predict who is going home and who is going to stay. Although in my opinion, based on the performance, Michael is not the one who should be going home, not yet. Who should be going home then?

My favorite performance this week is Syesha and David Archuleta. Despite what Simon and Randy said about how they think Syesha’s performance lacked the emotional surge that they felt when Fantasia sang the song on her winning the competition, I do think Syesha sang it pretty well because technically it was a very good performance indeed. And I do love David Archuleta’s performance; I think it is almost better than his performance two weeks ago, although he could’ve done it better if he sing it a key higher. The problem is I don’t know if he is able to play as good as he did before if he played on a higher key, because changing keys is actually a difficult thing to do on a piano, especially if you’re not a very good piano player.

As for the other contestants, I think they mostly did a good performance except for Brooke White who is getting pitchier as of late. I think it should be her who is going home last week. But then again, you know how surprising American Idol can be. Perhaps today will be another surprise result for us. See you all later then!

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