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David Cook's singing "Always Be My Baby"It has been a while since American Idol Season 7 started sometime last year. It is now only five contestants left, and just two weeks away from the Grand Finale. And they will be singing songs by Neil Diamond, who will also take part as their mentor. It is interesting to think what song choices the contestants will make, as you can also see on this site.

That reminds me of Carly Smithson who is voted off last week after the contestants performed songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In my opinion, she was not the one who should got voted off last week. Regardless of how human people think Brooke White is just because she is brave enough to restart her song after her first try, in my opinion she is the one who should have go home instead.

The fact that Syesha Mercado is on the bottom two performers also comes as a surprise for me. Especially because I think she gave one of the best performance of the night, not to mention it was also her best performance yet, a performance not worthy of a bottom two place.

Carly Smithson is rather an interesting case. Why did she got the lowest number of votes? Not being an American myself it is actually quite hard to be able to predict who is going to get the lowest votes overall each week. I’ve read somewhere in the web that it could be because of the fact that she is not American (she’s Irish for those of you who didn’t know). Well, I guess I can’t really blame them, it IS American Idol after all. Wouldn’t they want an American to win American Idol? I know I would.

And then, there’s also Jason Castro. I used to wonder why they keep on voting for him, so I did a little searching about him. Guess what I’ve found? He actually have quite a large and devoted fan base out there. They named themselves the Dreadheads. Pretty cool name though. Oh, also apparently Jason Castro was sick during the top 6 performance show last week.

Now about the Davids. David Archuleta’s performance graph is moving down. We have yet to see another fantastic performance like when he did “Imagine” and “Smoky Mountain”. Last week was good but we need better. David Cook on the other way is the most likely candidate to win the show now. With all those solid performances that he gave each week.

Anyway, let us see for ourself who is going to go home tonight. I’ll be posting another review soon. If you want you can also visit some of my old posts regarding the American Idol Performances and Results :

See you guys on the next review!

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