American Idol – Top 24 Result Show

So here I am, posting an update as promised regarding my last post where I reviewed the top 12 girls’ performance. Since they aired the show a day late than the original, I actually can go to the internet and see who got sent home on Thursday night. But since I want the result show to have their intended impact on me, which is the excitement of not knowing the results until the last possible moments, I decided to wait.

But apparently, some of my friends decided to spoil it for me by telling me who got sent home. But, despite already knowing who is leaving, watching American Idol Result Show is always entertaining. As usual, all the contestants got to sing a song together. It was pretty good! And there’s also a video of Paula’s newest single, where you can also see Randy playing the bass in the video. And I get to see the guys and girls who is eliminated sing it out once again, and see whether their performance really justify their exits from the competition.

As you have probably known, Amy, Joanne, Garrett and Colton are going home. If you read my last post, you see that my pick of the bottom two girls are actually right! But I have to admit, I didn’t actually expect Colton to be eliminated so soon. He did quite good, better than Chikezie and Luke, in my opinion. Garrett is an acceptable choice to sent back home early though, now that I’ve got the chance to hear him sing once more. But Chikezie is on the bottom three, and he must choose the right song and perform well next week to stand any chance of going through the Top 20 to the Top 16. But I feel he have the ability to do that. We’ll just have to see for ourselves. Compared to the other remaining guys, I’d say that Luke is also in danger of being eliminated next week.

As for the girls, I needn’t say more. Seeing Amy sing again only confirms why she was sent home. I think she performs even more badly than on Wednesday night. My only regret is Joanne. She performs much better than on Wednesday night. And if only she performed like that, she won’t be going home yet because she has a beautiful voice. But it doesn’t really matter now.

We’ll see what happen next week, I’m looking forward to watching the Top 20 and I hope I can write another review just like I did the Top 24. Later then!

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