After the Rain


Yesterday it rained heavily all over Jakarta area. I remember that it started to rain after me and my colleagues just got back from lunch. The rain was a heavy one and after half an hour or so, the street in front of my office building got swamped by rain water. Fortunately we all took a cab and manage to get back without getting wet.

It continued to rain for the better part of the afternoon. Thankfully it stopped when I went back home after work. It started raining again just as I arrived home. I was lucky I guess, considering that the traffic was jam packed more than usual. You can always guess that after a heavy rain like that, the traffic will surely got worse.

What I didn’t like most about heavy traffic after the rain is how the fumes from the buses and micro buses, not to mention the bajaj seems to make it harder for you to breath. I remember one time the air got so saturated with smoke my lungs felt burned whenever I tried to inhale. Thankfully it doesn’t last long enough.

Oh well, I guess from now on, using a face mask is mandatory whenever I ride my motorcycle through Jakarta’s traffic.


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