Addio, la squadra di calcio italiana!

Goodbye, Italian football team! I hope we’ll be seeing you in another two years at the European stages and in another four years at the World stages again. I wish it could have been different for them, but I think this proves that the ball is indeed round.

It was a thrilling game two watch, especially in the latter stages of second half. Surprises after surprises keep on coming and it was joyful to watch. It was marred by the dramas that both teams made, though. It was not surprising to see the Italy players did such a thing, I mean it was kind of their ‘specialty’.

I wish they could play more honorably, but hey, I guess that is the thing that makes Football so attractive. You can never guess what will happen on the pitch. I guess it is true that what you do will come right back at you, especially seeing those Slovakian players faking it out as good as the Italian players did.

Anyway, looking forward to the next match tonight! Goodbye and see you all later!

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