A Rather Aggressive Way

I don’t really like persons who are aggressive, I found them rather annoying. Although I remember a saying, that what you hate in a person, is something that you also hate about yourself. It could be true because I don’t like myself when I’m being overly aggressive.

This post wasn’t to speak about myself though. I just happened to remember something that took place several weeks ago, when a Credit Card telemarketer is calling to try to convince me to take a loan that I could credit for a certain time.

The offer was tempting, but money do have that kind of effect on people, regardless of where it came or what we must sacrifice or give in order to get more and more money. I realize though that I really cannot afford to take another loan at the moment.

I kindly refuse her offer, but she insists that this is a rare opportunity for selected customers with a clean or good credit record. I half jokingly said to her that the reason that my credit record is good, although I somehow felt that it is not that good, is because I didn’t take loans which I know I couldn’t pay off later.

I was hoping that she could take the hint and stop forcing me to take the loan, but she kept telling me things that I felt are irrelevant, such as, ‘You won’t get another opportunity’, ‘You can use the money you get’, and so on which made me a little more than just simply annoyed.

Thank God she finally conceded, although somewhat reluctant and perhaps a little bit angry that I won’t take the loan. I have to admit that the telemarketers nowadays reek of desperation, although with the world as it is now, it hardly comes as a surprise. I really wish things would be better for everyone. Oh well, better not stop hoping. Later then!

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