A Precautionary Measure

There are a lot of people who opt for portable computer or notebook nowadays, especially those that travels a lot, perhaps because it makes it easier for them to bring their work along. As notebook technology got better, so is the option that we can choose from if we want to buy a notebook computer.

Of course since I don’t actually travel a lot, I still prefer using desktop PC. There are many things to be considered when buying a notebook computer. The life cycle is usually lower than that of the desktop PC because doing upgrades to a notebook is not as convenient as upgrading a desktop PC.

You also have to consider the durability of the notebook, especially if you travel a lot and to places that is not friendly to electronic devices such as hot, dusty and humid places. You also have to consider how to secure your notebook, since it is very easy to fall victim of theft.

For an added measure of security, you could also consider insuring your notebook. There is a lot of insurance company that offers notebook or laptop insurance. Just make sure you pick the one that suit your needs.

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