A House is not a Home

I don’t really know why but it was one of my favorite songs. Originally sung by Dionne Warwick, I think the song is beautiful. I guess what good a house is if there’s no one to hold you tight and kiss you goodnight? It would be an empty house, empty of warmth and love. It was not a home, just like the song said.

I know that everybody have their own way and there are people who enjoyed being alone, enjoying their freedom. Although I believe that the true meaning of life can truly be enjoyed is when you have someone else to share its beauty, someone to share its flaw. Nobody is perfect though and we can’t really have everything that we wanted.

Of course having a nice house is luxury just like getting an outer banks house through outer banks foreclosures; especially if you have someone to hold you tight and kiss you goodnight. Oh well, enough daydreaming and let us start realizing!

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