A Flexible Way to Learn

I remember having distance learning as a topic for my final project in University, mostly a concept back then. Right now distance or online learning is not a concept anymore, with many institutions offering degrees and courses which can be taken either partially or fully online learning method.

Most of those institutions are an established school or universities, but some are offering their courses and degrees exclusively and entirely online such as the Western Governors University or WGU, which was founded on 1997 by 19 U.S Governors hence the name.

WGU is a nonprofit institution which aims to expand access to quality higher education, especially for working adults. As a fully online university, WGU can be a very good way for working adults who wanted to expand their horizons. They can take courses and degrees while working full time and being online also means we can cut down on time and expenses and allocate them for other important matters.

Being fully online surely makes it more flexible, especially if you are planning to take advanced degrees such as an MBA.  I know a lot of people who work by day and then take their courses for their MBA degree after work, which in my opinion is very tiring and time consuming. By offering an online MBA, I really think that WGU really expands our option and also gives us the freedom and flexibility of learning from wherever we want.

At the moment they can only accept admissions from individuals living in the United States and select geographical areas of Canada with some exceptions. Unfortunately, since I am not an U.S citizen and I don’t live in the U.S, I am not eligible to apply. I hope they can really solve this problem in future years.

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