31 Hours Jazz Show by Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran

Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran's WebsiteFor those of you Jazz lovers who live in Jakarta or happened to be in Jakarta during this weekend, you might want to watch the 31 Hours Jazz Show. What is 31 Hours Jazz Show? It is literally a Jazz Show which is being held for 31 hours straight, non-stop from start to finish.

I heard about the event from a good friend of mine who happened to be a very good jazz piano player. He is scheduled to take part from 7P.M on the first day to 1A.M on the second day. The show is being held on this Friday, May 30th, starting at 3P.M until Saturday, 31st May ending at 10P.M.

It is being presented by the young talents from Kemayoran Jazz Community (Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran). There are also a few big names in Indonesian Jazz who will also take part in the event, such as Idang Rasjidi, Harry Toledo and several others. The event will be held at Food Court ‘Wisata Makanan’, at Jakarta City Center (JaCC) Ground Floor, Jakarta.

This event is also meant to be recorded in Indonesia’s Museum of Records (Museum Rekor Indonesia) as the longest, non-stop jazz festival ever being held. I myself will try to go to the show, who knows perhaps you’ll even see me there. Until later then!

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