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Rooted Android 2.2 on Nexian Journey

My Nexian Journey Android 2.2 CyanogenMod Home ScreenI just managed too root and upgrade my Nexian Journey Android OS from 2.1 (Eclair) to 2.2 (Froyo), all thanks to this comprehensive guide on How to Upgrade Nexian Journey to Froyo by Batista Harahap. It was not an original build by the Phone Manufacturer but a Nightly Build (Experimental) by Cyanogen Mod instead.

I was reluctant to do this to my newly acquired Android because I was not so sure I want to take any risk so soon. It was the lack of space on my Android Phone internal memory that push me to jump over the edge and plunge into the waters below, figuratively speaking of course.

I found out that I can only install limited application on my Android phone because by default, OS 2.1 (Eclair) installs application (or apps) on the internal storage by default. I need to install apps into my external (SD Card) storage which has around 4GBs worth of memory compared to the around 170MB available memories of my Android phone internal storage. Read the rest of this entry »

Around the Corner


Holiday is around the corner, at least to people who lives in the US because next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. I didn’t exactly celebrate Thanksgiving Day, nor have I ever experienced one since I don’t live in the States. Although from what I have read or heard, either from the media, the internet or even friends that live in the States, it was a very big holiday there.

I don’t think I can argue with that, judging from what I’ve heard. For me the best holiday celebration is still Christmas, looking from a certain perspective of course. That said, Christmas might be coming soon, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner coming just in a few days. Read the rest of this entry »

One Lazy Afternoon

So there I was, sitting idly by my workspace didn’t really know what to do in the afternoon. There’s not much to do today at work, unusual but is a welcome change from the usual daily routine. I was getting quite sleepy, my eyes getting heavier. Not to mention that I feel a little hungry even though I had a bigger portion than usual for lunch with a thick slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

I decided that I would go down to the basement and paid a visit to the mini mart looking for something to eat. I decided to buy some bread to ease my hunger a little bit. So there I was, waiting for my turn at the cashier when I found myself staring at their cash register. It was unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Read the rest of this entry »


It has been more than two weeks now since I bought my latest Mobile Phone. It is an Android phone called Nexian Journey. I know that I want to own an Android phone since I heard about it sometime ago. I was reluctant at first because usually, an Android phone is quite expensive for me.

Even at first, this Nexian Journey would cost me around US$320. It was somewhat acceptable although I wanted to find any info first about this handset. I don’t really think that there are a lot of Indonesian who owns an Android phone, so I really wanted to find some review about this particular handset. Read the rest of this entry »

Late Night Rain

Here I am in front of my PC, didn’t really know what to do. I decided to write something I find interesting instead of just browsing the net aimlessly. So right now, it is raining quite heavily outside and it just got a little bit darker because of it. It also got a little cooler inside the house, perfect for a good night sleep.

I can’t really claim that it was night anymore since it is well past midnight already. Oh well, I feel that I have too much to do lately and not enough time to do it. I guess most of us feel like that too once in a while. What can you say; live can be that way sometimes. Read the rest of this entry »