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Trying To Lose Weight?

That is certainly an elusive and not-so-easy to answer question. Why are you trying to lose weight? I prefer if people answered that they are trying to lead a more active and healthy life. For me healthy life means eating responsibly and working out regularly. That way, losing weight is considered a bonus which is guaranteed to come. Just how much you are going to lose depends on many factors.

I have tried losing weight before, and I succeeded in losing around 22 lbs. I am not much overweight so losing 22 lbs put me in my healthy BMI range already. I have to admit that much of that little extra weight comes because I stopped exercising regularly and started eating irresponsibly when I started working behind a desk. Read the rest of this entry »

Traffic Jam Free

Traffic Jam Free on a Monday morning? You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, since I take a day off, I did not go to the office today, so practically I didn’t experience any traffic jam this morning. I wish it can always be like this everyday but of course you can’t always get what you want. Most of the time you have to make do with what you can actually get.

I still enjoyed my traffic jam-free morning though. I don’t have to cope with the stress that comes with wading through the crazy motorcyclists and selfish drivers laden streets this morning. I think it is a worthy enough cause for a celebration. YAY!! Oh well, a good pat in the back is all I got, doesn’t really matter. Read the rest of this entry »

On a Crossroad

Nexian Journey Version ScreenshotI was considering upgrading my Android Phone Cyanogen Mod Build. As of right now, I am using Nightly Build 17. So far I am quite satisfied with the build considering that the build was an experimental one. It was very stable although it was not a recommended build for the non-technically savvy people.

I don’t think flashing your Android ROM is for every average guy, because it takes a great deal of patience and open mind. Because it involves certain risk, losing your data and settings to name a couple. I don’t even know if I want to risk trying the recently released Cyanogen Mod 6.1 RC2 or even the Cyanogen Mod Nightly Build 21. Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy Monday

Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.netToday is going to be a not so lazy Monday, not because I am taking a day off from work but because I am going to have to take my mother-in-law to the airport for her travel. At least I don’t have to deal with work for today, which is quite a welcome change considering how busy Monday at work can be.

I knew that I am going to miss it even though only for a little. I even going to miss the meetings that we held periodically and occasionally. Well actually I might not actually miss it if not for the wonderful coffee and snacks served. That said, I wish meetings aren’t only remembered for how good the catering are but also because it was productive AND constructive at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

More Around the Corner

I know that people are never easy to satisfy, but if you are faced with a situation where you can buy things while saving your money by up to 50%, you can be sure that you’ll find out for yourself how true it is. Of course you could tell yourself that it is not every day that you find those kinds of deals.

Then you ask yourself, is those kinds of deals for real? Are there really any retailers that actually let you buy their products while offering a hefty discount? Well, you can’t actually found those kinds of deals on a regular day. You can only found those kinds of deals on some specific time or events during a year. Read the rest of this entry »