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Light Traffic

If there is one thing I like most about the Fasting month is the traffic. Of course I am not just talking of everyday traffic in general, because I believe that generally the traffic every day is not actually very different than it usually is. In fact the morning traffic is usually worse than usual because there is a work schedule adjustment.

What I like most is the traffic from office to home in the afternoon. If you time it correctly you can get light traffic during your journey back home. It was especially true during the breaking fast time because it appears that the bulk of the traffic passes before then. Read the rest of this entry »

Costume Roleplay

Although I never watch a live costume roleplay or cosplay show before, I quite enjoy seeing pictures of cosplayers. I have to admit that not all cosplay are great but for some who are, it is inspiring and amazing. I know a few friends of mine who are fond of cosplay, they even took part in a cosplay contest once in a while.

Although I am sure that there are a lot of male cosplayers, the most interesting cosplay is often the female characters, because as we know, cosplay is mostly based on Japanese Anime or Manga, and considering the costume that the female characters wear on those Anime or Manga is interesting, to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »

At the Peak

It has been a while since I last went to the mountains in West Java which are more commonly known as ‘Puncak’ or the Peak in Indonesian. It was refreshing and I have to admit, the fact that the trip was far from traffic jam made it more enjoyable.

It was rare to be able to go to Puncak on weekends and did not have to cope with the ever growing traffic jam. The last time I went there, it took me 4 hours to get to the Gadog traffic light. Last weekend, it took me around 30 minutes or so. I wish it could stay like that. Read the rest of this entry »

Detailed Needs

I have experienced that it was quite normal now to be called by an insurance agent at least a couple of times each week. It was not freelance insurance agent though, but it was more like a Bank sponsored program, where as a holder of a certain Credit Card, they said that you are the select few who are chosen to receive their special programs or promotions.

I know that having an insurance is mandatory nowadays, but still we have to be selective in determining what kind of insurance do we need. We also have to be sure to read all the clauses and make sure that we only choose the type which premiums are still within our budget. In short, only choose the one that you really need and can afford. Read the rest of this entry »

One Picture To Tell Them All

I know that memories are precious, and that is perhaps the most important reason why people want to take pictures of their life’s precious moments. With the invention of digital camera, it is easy to document your life, especially those moments that we hold dear and consider precious, such as a loved one’s birthday.

It was easy for me to keep pictures of my kids’ birthday, because we store them in digital format which we can easily make backups of. I still remember when you have to buy films whenever I want to take a picture. Afterward, we have to take them so we can have them processed into postcard sized photos so we can keep them in an album for easy viewing. Read the rest of this entry »