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Not Going To Be Enough

I know that keeping a routine exercise schedule is good, but to be honest, if you are just doing light exercise it won’t be enough to actually lose weight. You have to do moderate exercise regularly and even then you have to watch what you eat, and how much you eat.

Losing weight and shaping up is not an easy task to do, I can tell. It takes guts, perseverance and discipline. That is why not many people are able to lose their weight, not to mention that every person is unique and have conditions that may or may not help them in losing weight. Read the rest of this entry »

Regarding My Blog

I know that I use my name as my blog’s address. I also put up internet marketing as one of my Meta tags. I know that I haven’t been writing about internet marketing for a very long time. I even considering removing the Meta tags from my blog because I feel that it is irrelevant now.

I know that internet marketing is just like any other forms of marketing that needs to be learned, practiced and perfected if you want to gain anything from it. The internet is a big market and I know that many people have been able to tap into that market and gain something from it, and I’m not talking about some small change here. Read the rest of this entry »

Exercise Regularly

I know that keeping up with routine exercise schedule is hard, especially if there is no one to encourage or even exercise with you. Speaking from experience, I know that exercising by your self is not much fun. It is easier and more fun to do it with loved ones or with a group of friends or even doing it in a place where there are a lot of people doing the same thing, even if we don’t know most of those people.

Although training alone have benefits too, sometimes it is hard to appreciate those benefits. When training alone, I can focus on my development and I can focus on every repetition, every move I make. Of course, I am usually a loner by nature in that I found my peace when I can be with just myself, so perhaps training alone is easier for me to do. Read the rest of this entry »

Helping Others

It is easy to help other person, especially if they have money, connection and other benefits and privileges. On the other hand, it is not easy to help other people who are less fortunate. People who doesn’t have anything of value or those who are handicapped are some example of such people.

I know it is sad, but such realities occurred around us every day, whether we noticed it or not. Often we noticed such realities, but the sad thing is we rarely do anything to help change it. I remember when I helped at the Mass for the disabled at my Parish. It was only once and even then I really doubt that I am really sincere about helping them. Read the rest of this entry »

Flat Tire

A couple of day ago, I helped my coworker replace his flat tire. As it happened his tire was punctured by a piece of metal. Thankfully he managed to get to the office before the tire ran out of air. Even then, it was because somebody from the building staff told our HR staff that he found out sooner.

It would certainly be more annoying if he found out when he is about to go home. Fortunately his spare tire is still in good condition. If it wasn’t in good condition then he is really going to get a lot busier. What would it be if his tire goes flat when he is still on his way to the office with no spare tire? Read the rest of this entry »