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Better Safe Than Sorry

If you can afford the extra expenses, having your own car is convenient. There is a lot of choice of cars now, so I can say that there is a car for everybody. It is not just convenient, but can also make your life easier. Of course being able to afford a car and the expenses that is required to maintain it is not enough nowadays.

You will also need to think about security and safety, both for you and for your vehicle. The vehicle needs to be safe to use and not to mention equipped with security measure such as alarm. Even then it might not be enough, because you would also benefit from having car insurance. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Life

I believe that everybody wants to have a healthy life, no matter who they are. Health is a very precious thing, sadly most people doesn’t take their health seriously. They want a healthy life, but they didn’t live healthily. On the contrary, their lifestyle is often unhealthy if not downright self destructing.

How can you expect to be healthy if you don’t even want to break a sweat? How can one expect to be healthy if they didn’t exercise regularly and not to mention eating a healthy diet? The trend nowadays is eat more, exercise less if not at all. It should be the other way around, which is exercise more and eat less. Read the rest of this entry »

Workplace Hazard

Lately I noticed that there is more and more dust around my workspace. I know that I can’t be considered a diligent person, but at least I should learn to clean up my workplace a little. I realize that neglecting to keep your workspace clean can be hazardous to your health.

Of course dust is not as dangerous as other substance around the workplace that can cause health problem. There are a lot of people who have to deal with more dangerous substance in order to make a living. One of them is being exposed to asbestos, because asbestos can actually cause cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

Studying Abroad

I guess it has been almost everybody’s dream to be able to study abroad, especially in countries which have high standards of education. I remember when I was young; I used to dream that someday I will be able to study abroad too. Perhaps it is just the infatuation of youth but studying abroad sure has benefits.

Studying abroad in a prestigious country and in a prestigious institution increases your value in the eyes of any future prospectors or employers, that much I am aware. Of course you have to be prepared if you want to study in such places, and even then you might not be sure that you’ll be able to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Office Picture Manager Expired

The Need: To be able to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit pictures or photos.

The Problem: Microsoft Office Picture Manager showed the license expired pop up every time the program is opened.

The Solution: Installed the Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2.


Yesterday, a coworker of mine asked me to help her. She usually uses Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit photos and pictures. She is using Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition which should include the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Lately though, every time she opened the program to edit something, the trial license expired window always pops up.

It was strange because as far as I know, the Microsoft Office Picture Manager is available as an add-on tool that can be used for free with a purchase of a licensed Microsoft Office Suite. Another one of my coworker which is using Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business can use hers without any problem, so I am sure that the problem lies with the Microsoft Office 2007. Read the rest of this entry »